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Hey, LMFT legends! Check out this dope tote bag, designed exclusively for you, the masters of relationships and mental health! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

On the bag, you'll spot "LMFT" in bold letters, but wait for it – it's got an animated hand sippin' some tea! 🍵 Oh yeah, we went there with that wordplay on the T in LMFT!

This ain't your ordinary tote, fam. It's a streetwear tribute to your kick-ass skills and dedication to helping hearts and minds. Rock it proudly, rep the mental health swag, and let 'em know you're an LMFT powerhouse!

So, therapists, snatch this bag up, and show the world you're sippin' tea and healing souls. Cop it now and let your streetwear vibe spread the love for mental health! 💖

LMFTea tote bag

$32.09 Regular Price
$27.28Sale Price
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