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About Therapy Exchange



Being a therapist myself and having dealt with various clients, I have personally experienced the effects of burnout and lack of self-care. I thought it's about time that we therapists, start toning down a bit on the facade of seriousness that leeches onto the title and practice of being a therapist. I believe it's essential to take a break from the suits and skirts and add a bit of fun and edginess to our profession. That is the reason, I created Therapy Exchange with the idea of a bit of edgy, colorful, and casual self-love for us therapists.


Our t-shirts and accessories are for the new-age therapists, that believe in having a bit of fun, adding a bit of color and uniqueness while shifting a bit from the monotonous boring, and serious 'tag' associated with being a therapist. Since, in the midst of helping others, we often tend to ignore ourselves and how subconsciously the problems of others, affect us to a varying degree.


Our apparel are made to add a bit of color, and a bit of uniqueness to your everyday wear while at the same time showing our love for our work as therapists.

In the modern digital 2.0 era, we need to give time to ourselves, break the perception of the serious suits and ties and have a bit of fun, add a bit of funkiness, and show a bit of appreciation for ourselves. Being a therapist is not easy, it's a path filled with constant long hours, dedication and hard work the only variable is the apparel you choose to wear while doing it. 

With Therapy Exchange, we believe it's time to show a bit of love to yourself, because if you don't who will?

Hoodie, keep calm and go to therapy



Our mission is to show appreciation for therapists across the globe and provide these professionals with an outlet that provides apparel and accessories that are uniquely suited to them and their profession.

Our mission is to help tone down the seriousness that is usually associated with being a therapist and add a bit of liveliness and fun to the apparel aimed at mental health professionals.
Lastly, we aim to promote the idea of self-love and self-appreciation in the profession of mental health practitioners while promoting the idea of avoiding burnout and being overworked on the job.

pullover hoodie, therapy exchange


Our vision is to be the go-to choice of apparel and accessories for mental health professionals around the globe who are looking to add a bit of colour, fun and edginess to their wardrobe. We want to take away the tag of seriousness and add a bit of relatable fun to the profession while appreciating the hard work, dedication and long hours put in by our fellow mental health professionals.

therapy exchange tshirt
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