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Modern Therapists
With Atypical Attitudes

Welcome to Therapy Exchange, where we believe in pushing boundaries and stamping out stereotypes. We’re turning the world of Mental Health related apparel upside-down with our edgy and unique pieces for Mental Health Professionals.

Who We Are:

All work and no play…makes for a dull therapist!

We know all too well how easily long hours and an abundance of work can make us forget to keep up with our mental health and self-care. We’re here to tell you it’s time to give back to yourself!


Meet The Merch

Our line up of therapeutic goods.

Mental Health Professionals

Why So Serious?

You’re stressed out, burnt out, and run down. Who said being professional means you need to be serious 24/7!? Not us!It’s time to deviate from the norm and practice some self-love through bright-colored clothing and unique designs.

Worlds Coolet Therapist

"We offer unique fun and edgy premium quality apparel and accessories for mental health professionals to help them show a bit of self-love and tone down the "serious" image usually associated with being a therapist"



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